Maintenance Of Electrical Substations

Electrical installation of medium and low voltage. Maintenance of electrical.

Maintenance of medium voltage boards, transformers and low voltage distribution boards, including the following services:

  • For medium voltage cabinets: general cleaning, lubrication and adjustments of operating mechanisms, contact resistance measurement, review and tightening of connections, bus dielectric tests, insulation resistance of arresters, contact pressure adjustment.
  • For transformers: measurement megger insulation resistance measurement, turns ratio, power factor, clean, retighten connections, inspection of nozzles, physical/chemical and chromatographic analysis for PCB´s, drying, filtration and degassment of oil.
  • For low voltage distribution boards: general cleaning, operational tests, contact resistance measurements, retighten of connections.
    • CFE application permit for disconnecting the incoming line CFE.
    • Grounding network: inspection, measurement of the ohmic resistance.
    • HI-POT testing.
    • Testing of power interruptors, cleaning of fuses and maintenance of capacitors.

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